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Why Sponsor Fuerza Latina?

Since 2003, Fuerza Latina has served over 35,500 residents of Vaughan and its surrounding area.

We continue to grow and through our latest event, the Vaughan Latin Festival we reached 149,930 and 46,720 viewers online all across Canada and internationally. 

We are the top leading organization bringing Latin culture and programs to support our community through 5 core areas: culture, education, fitness, seniors and support.

We are looking to partner with local businesses interested in sponsorship opportunities with Fuerza Latina. Our packages are set up in a unique module with flexibility to choose the categories you want to sponsor – all of this while creating visible impact for your business.

We invite you to become a part of this growing organization.

For information on Sponsorship Packages, please contact us at


Sponsoring the culture programming ensures participants will get to experience Latin or Hispanic cultural activities in Vaughan. Every year we put together multiple events where residents from all walks of life have the opportunity to dive into all the aspects of what it means to be Latino or Hispanic.


If you have a preference for sponsoring activities that focus on personal growth, this is a perfect opportunity for you. Most of our programming includes an educational component where participants get to develop new skills or improve existing ones. There are also exclusive programs dedicated to education through the Mujeres Latinas Network. 


Fundamental movement is very important for overall well-being. We aim to provide recreational activities without breaking the bank out for a lot of residents. If you become a sponsor of the fitness category, you will be supporting affordable athletic activities for kids, youth and adults.


With the increasing and alarming number of senior depression and isolation, it is important to have activities tailored to them. We are doing exactly that! By being a sponsor of the seniors’ category, you will contribute to the creation of spaces for seniors to learn, meet new friends, have recreational activities and contribute to the community.



We have a variety of Programs to support the community. Through our Mujeres Latinas Network, we have brought together experienced specialists on different topics of interest such as: employment, support and healthy living. 

Through the New Horizons Seniors Program we are excited to offer support to our Seniors through our Hi-Tech Seniors Program. Membership is available on an annual low fee amount.

 “Fuerza Latina participation and integration with local and national events in partnership with the City of Vaughan continues to further support [its] capacity for multi-level programming and creates more experience and opportunities that benefit the community at large”

–  Mirella Tersigni, Creative + Cultural Officer   

Special Events


2021 Vaughan Latin Festival will be BIGGER AND BOLDER!

Outdoors at the North Maple Regional Park and/or Online aiming 50K viewers

In 2020, due to Covid-19, the Vaughan Latin Festival was offered through an online platform and it was a great success! Engaging over 46,720 viewers successfully through a celebration of culture, solidarity, endurance, and gratitude for life.

Become our Vaughan Latin Festival Sponsor… Build market reach, promote your business, cultivate emerging relationships, leverage your network, and generate income!

12th National Culture Days

In partnership with the City of Vaughan, Fuerza Latina presents multiple, authentic performances, and beautiful visual arts displays representing our Cultura Latina.

Aiming for 8,480 in 2021

3,481 Online in 2020

3K attended in 2019 at Vaughan Mills Mall

7th Latin American Hispanic Ceremony

Lead organization for Hispanic-Latin American Heritage Month Celebration in Vaughan.

In 2021, the 7th Hispanic-Latin American Heritage Ceremony at the Vaughan City Hall and/or through an online platform aiming to reach thousands.

In 2020, due to Covid-19, the Hispanic-Latin American Heritage Ceremony was celebrated online during the Vaughan Latin Festival with over 46K viewers.

In 2019, the 5th Hispanic-Latin American Heritage Ceremony was held in the Vaughan City Hall.

Hispanic-Latin American Heritage Month is an opportunity to celebrate the outstanding achievements and contributions of Hispanic-Latin American people in the province; socially, economically, politically, multi-culturally.

Latin Excellence Awards & Gala

Celebrating 18 years as an organization!

Celebrating the outstanding achievements of new University/College Graduates and achievements and contributions of Latin Community Leaders in ONTARIO. Attracting hundreds of patrons from all generations for an unforgettable evening of live music, entertainment and amazing food.

Guests are significant social and cultural influencers who are philanthropically minded. Join leaders from corporate, legal and city-building communities.

Want to support the community?

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