Monica Rodriguez

“Everytime I make a mistake I seem to discover a truth that I haven’t yet.

…..Maurice Maeterlinck

On this occasion, let me raise awareness of this issue since one often passes it
overlooked or many times we don’t even want to remember it, but it is that “If we don’t learn from
our mistakes we are destined to repeat them”, the mistakes of our past are not
we can change, but if we can transform them into sources of wisdom and go
minimizing them in the future.
…….But what is an error in itself? It is an opinion or action that a person considers correct
but it really isn’t.
Let us think about how we have invested our lives up to now, what mistakes we have made and
what experience have we got from them, because mistakes are used for that to make us
better, to teach us how to do things well, in short: They are lessons
that in the long run become successes that is why we must recognize them, accept them and overcome them.
People usually put themselves in a posture of ignoring them, hiding them, forgetting them, avoiding them,
not talking about them and always looking for blame, and that is where fear appears and this
stops, paralyzes us and that is that no one is safe from not making mistakes and they usually happen
at the worst moment, what we must think is that we are going to learn from them, how can we
remedy it, discover the opportunity it offers us to improve and learn more about us
themselves, which contributes to future events because many times it affects massively, the
the fact that one is wrong does not mean that one does not have a good soul, let’s not see it
as defeats but as opportunities.
I can almost assure you that I have made more mistakes than you and it is bad to think that
I did to be unintelligent there are other factors to take into account the important thing is
do not look back even if you have lost a lot, just take what you learned, you are not perfect
What a relief!!! I think that making a mistake is the best thing that could have happened to me because today

And what is the experience? As Oscar Wilde said, “Experience is the name everyone gives it.
to their mistakes”, but it is not always like that, there are people who do not become wise through
experiences because their mistakes turn them into frustrations, they don’t see the positive in them and
become victims, get stuck in their bad luck and make no effort
to process and move on, a lot is learned from the experiences of others and they make us the
path a little easier to assimilate, you have to learn the most of the lesson they offer you,
remember at the end “Everything happens” and then you will end up feeling better.
We must learn to choose our own battles well, which ones we should play or which ones we should not
give them the importance that is due, do not waste energy in vain, it is difficult for life to prepare the
ideal path if it were so no one would make mistakes and no one would have experiences because the
best lessons are not learned in school is learned from life.
And what lesson does it leave you in the end? Let’s take mistakes as lessons and not as failures,
learn from what happened, use it to grow, it’s not right if you make the same mistake over and over again
time because this means that you are not learning, do not give up anything and finally change
your way of thinking, evolve, be aware of what you do, pay close attention because
you are going to do things much better next time, try to apply the stages of change: crisis,
denial, anger, depression, acceptance and learning, I think the last one is the most important
because it awakens the conscience to stop and close the repetitive cycles of errors and
experiences and remember that if it were not for a mistake that was made the world would not have
known the existence of penicillin. Sharing all these teachings to others is of a