Women Support Group


In response to the current physical distancing restrictions in place due to the health pandemic in Ontario, we are offering online programming alternatives. Regular programming has been postponed.


Women Support Group – Spanish speaking

Una serie de pláticas enfocadas al bienestar familiar en este momento en el que nos toca resguardarnos en nuestros hogares con la intención de prevenir la violencia intrafamiliar y favorecer la comunicación y la convivencia.

Thursdays at 8 pm via ZOOM

Con la Sicóloga Yessica Barrera con solo 20 minutos de reflexión, tips para vencer la ansiedad, la depresión, el estrés, el aislamiento y dándonos la oportunidad de mejorar cada día y capitalizar esta oportunidad de tomar tiempo para nosotros y nuestra familia.

To take part of these online group sessions you will need to download the Zoom desktop or smartphone App

Email: info@fuerzalatinaservices.org to register and to receive your Zoom meeting link.

Envíanos un email a: info@fuerzalatinaservices.org y te enviaremos tu invitación por ZOOM.

*Available until further notice.

Our Women Support Group

The Women Support Group program aims to help women connect and build supportive relationships while discussing common experiences. During our small and informal support groups, you will learn about coping mechanisms, remind yourself of your strengths, listen to other women’s experiences and share your own (if you want to), and be accepted for who you are, without judgement or discrimination.


DAY: Monday (every other week)

TIME: 7:00 P.M – 9:30 P.M

LOCATION: Maple Community Centre

Professionally Guided

An experienced, licenced and local psychotherapist guides our support group. Her professional career is extensive, and she has helped people facing a wide range of challenges.

Open Discussion

There is no one single, one specific topic our group focuses on. Any case is a good topic for us. The group is open to discuss anything that is in our participants’ minds.

In Spanish

Currently, we are the only support group for women in Spanish in the Vaughan region. Our participants come from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences. However, we are all connected by our Spanish speaking skills.


Frequently Asked Questions
Is this program only for Spanish speaking women?
This program is not exclusively for people from Hispanic/ Latin American countries. However, The discussion is conducted in Spanish. We welcome all skills levels of Spanish, but we do recommend having at least a good understanding of the language.
Can I drop by just to check the program out?
Absolutely! any woman is welcome to drop by. Some women choose to come and just listen. You do not have to participate in the discussion if you do not feel like talking.
How do I register to this program?
If you would like to register or have more questions about the women support program, you can contact us at (905) 553-0937 or by filling up the form at the Contact Us page.
Do you do any special activities outside your regular program?
This program is just a couple of months old, so we do not have any outside programming for it. However, we love the suggestion, and will be looking in it. Let us know what you’d like to do.
Is there parking available?
Yes, there is free parking at the Maple Community Centre