Youth Mentoring Program

Mentoring is a “get and give” experience with the goal of providing a rich and rewarding experience for both partners.




Our Program

Fuerza Latina’s Youth Mentoring Program aims to connect Latino youth with mentors, in various fields and/or trades.
With this virtual program, we will establish connections for youth through academic and career-focused supports, and guidance from the perspective of those working in the industries youth aspire to work in.
This is a great opportunity for community members to give back and share their experiences to lead change and sustain futures for our youth.

How Does it Work?                                                                   

  • Step 1. Register to the Mentoring Program today                                                                                              
  • Step 2. Our Youth Coordinator will contact you                                                                                              
  • Step 3. Mentee is matched with the Mentor                                                                                              
  • Step 4. Meet with Mentor 4-5 sessions


We offer One-on-One and Group Mentorship Opportunities!


  • Opportunity to obtain High School Community Hours while gaining these skills and growing your network!


  • Supports for mentee participants in finding Internship and Placement Opportunities!


  • Volunteering and Placement Opportunities for those interested in supporting this engaging program!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the workshop?

There is only one small fee of $25 to cover the cost of all materials.

Is this program taught in Spanish?

Spanish/English and it is open to all Latino youth.