Sponsorship Opportunities

Why Work With Fuerza Latina?

Since 2003, Fuerza Latina has served over 10,000 residents of Vaughan and the York Region. We are the top leading organization bringing Latin culture to this community through our programs. We produce a broad range of activities aiming to help residents through 5 core areas: culture, education, fitness, seniors and support.

We are growing. Every day more people come to us to join our programs.  We even have constant feedback from residents about new ways we can help them. This is exciting. We want to be there for as many people as possible, and this is why we need your help.

We are looking to partner with local businesses interested in sponsorship opportunities with Fuerza Latina. Our packages are set up in a unique modular way that gives you more flexibility to choose the categories you want to sponsor – all of this while creating visible impact for residents.

For information on current sponsorship packages, please contact us at info@fuerzalatinaservices.org.


Sponsoring the culture programming ensures participants will get to experience Latin or Hispanic cultural activities in Vaughan. Every year we put together multiple events where residents from all walks of life have the opportunity to dive into all the aspects of what it means to be Latino or Hispanic.


If you have a preference for sponsoring activities that focus on personal growth, this is a perfect opportunity for you. Most of our programming includes an educational component where participants get to develop new skills or improve existing ones. There are also exclusive programs dedicated to education such as the Spanish for Kids class.


Fundamental movement is very important for overall well-being. Unfortunately several of the recreational activities out there are very expensive for a lot of residents. If you become a sponsor of the fitness category, you will be supporting affordable athletic activities for kids, youth and adults.


With the increasing and alarming number of senior depression and isolation, it is important to have activities tailored to them. We are doing exactly that! By being a sponsor of the seniors’ category, you will contribute to the creation of spaces for seniors to learn, meet new friends, have recreational activities and contribute to the community.


This is a great opportunity to support a wide range of members in the community. We have brought together experienced specialists to give easier access to women and families who are in need of professional support during this time in their lives.