Volunteer Opportunities

Why Volunteer With Us?

Fuerza Latina offers unique volunteering opportunities. We have positions from office administration, event planning, program leadership, community assistance, and more.

If you have any special skill, or would like to lead a new program for the community, talk to us!

Apply today by submitting the form on our contact us page or by sending an e-mail to info@fuerzalatinaservices.org


  • Flexible hours
  • Canadian work experience
  • Share your talents
  • Connect with community members
  • Build career-based skills
  • Network with like-minded people
  • Letter of reference to prospective employers
  • Meet new friends
  • Make a difference
Current Opportunities
Office Admin Assistant

We are looking for an energetic person to assist Fuerza Latina’s team with administrative duties such as scheduling and planning meetings and appointments, update mailing lists, perform receptionist duties as needed, data entry, copywriting, providing support to associates, prepare presentations and training materials for our funders, and other admin duties that arise from time to time.

Program Development - Registration & Outreach

The Registration and Outreach position is an incredible opportunity for individuals with excellent customer service skills. Duties include leading program registrations, program promotion, community outreach, scheduling and planning special events, and other duties as needed.

Program leaders - Arts & Crafts

We are searching for individuals who have a passion for painting, drawing, music, photography, or any other form of art. Arts & Crafts Program Leaders will be working with participants of the Seniors program and Spanish for Kids program sharing their talent with them.

Soccer Program - Program Assistant

The Soccer Assistant position is ideal for individuals with intermediate to advance knowledge of soccer. The assistant will be working closely in the Youth and Kids soccer program. Duties will be determined by the coach.

Seniors Program - Program Assistant

The Senior Program Assistant will work with our seniors. They will be in charge of planning, organizing and executing senior programming, senior outreach, answering inquities about the program, and developing new events. Other duties may be assigned as needed.

Spanish for Kids Program - Program Assistant

Spanish for Kids is our brand new program! We are in urgent need of volunteers to help participating kids 7+ with the workshop activities. It may include storytelling, painting, puppetry making workshops, and more. Fluent in Spanish is an asset. Other duties as needed.